Saturday, March 30, 2013


I've been really bad at keeping up with this. I was kind of drowning in graduate school applications, school work, and taking care of myself/the mister/Penelope the past few months. Now I think .. it's kind of slowed down a bit. My graduation school applications have been turned in and I should find out if I was accepted into my top choice this week (YIKES).

I'm house/townhome hunting with the mister this month because my current lease is up in the beginning of May. I'd love to get a house so that we could have a yard for Penelope but there is not a lot of options in our price range and in the area we want to be in. I'm way too stressed about it. I'm sure everything will fall into place before I really have to panic!

I have FOUR weeks until school is completely over and I graduate. I get the whole summer off from school for once in my life. I have one major project, one major paper, two minor project/papers, and a handful of tests before I can breathe again. I am working every day during the week this summer (in order to save up because I won't be able to work during grad school) and I'm so looking forward to relaxing with the kids in their pool and then coming home to relax some more and get back into painting and reading for fun.

And here are some pictures from the past few months. I promise to start writing more and updating this .. especially in four weeks when I'm officially done with everything stressful for THREE MONTHS! :D

Taking pictures of my sock bun while babysitting

Celebrated our 5th anniversary with a fancy dinner at Armani's

Went out to happy hour with my old roommates!

Made our own sushi *attempted, ahem*

My best friend came down from LA to visit

Went to two lightening games

21st birthday celebrations!

Good lighting

Zac Brown Band concert!

Lope's first trip to the dog beach

Forcing her to participate in pictures


Judging me, always judging


We always wake up super happy


Penny's best friend Mimi

We babysat her for the weekend

And the world's longest tongue

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The holiday season (pretty much from October-January 1st) is my favorite time of the whole entire year. I just love that feeling in the air and decorating my apartment for each event, Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas. It was also my 21st birthday on the 20th so that was super exciting too. I like being able to order girly frothy drinks. I also REALLY love knowing that I'm about to get a month off of school and I'll finally be about to relax and read all the books I've been waiting all semester to read.

This Christmas was a little sad because my mister went to North Carolina to be with his family and I stayed here with mine and the pup. We haven't gotten to spend a Christmas together for two years because of family being out of state/work schedules. But he comes back in two days, luckily, and I cannot wait to exchange gifts with him.

So this Christmas I hung out with my Dad in the morning because my mom was at work, went and had dinner at my Aunt's, and came home and finally opened presents with everyone. Penelope had a blast chasing all the paper on the floor and chewing on everyone's gifts while ignoring hers.

Also Penelope is now 4 months old and a whopping 23 pounds with the biggest paws I've ever seen in my life. So most of these pictures are of her!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!(:

Penelope and our neighbor's American bulldog, they're best friends

"Wanna go outside?"



Happy thanksgiving!

My birthday banner at the kids I babysit house!

Pre-birthday dinner


My "first" drink(;

Yucky shots face

Helping me with finals .. kind of

Pretty baby

This how she sleeps, she's so spoiled I know



Sunday, November 18, 2012

12 Weeks Old + A lot of Pictures

I can't believe that today Penelope is 12 weeks old today. She's had her third round of vaccines and is growing like a weed. She's over 15 pounds already :( It's getting harder and harder to pick her up, which is unfortunate because she doesn't like to move by herself! She took to crate training really easily and is very good at sitting. I've taught her "paw" but now she will always sit and put her paw up because she knows it'll get her a treat and she's a brat! I'm waiting for the days when she won't try to bite my fingers and I'm hoping they'll happen soon. She loves to bite! She's also definitely a tug of war dog. She will hold on and tug at anything and loves to growl and bark when playing. But she's so stinkin' cute I can't stand it. She just crawls on to my lap when I'm working on the couch (which she still can't get on or off by herself) so she can fall asleep. She has to be touching either me or the Mister when we're together/driving/laying down. She's precious and she knows it!

Anyway, here are some pictures from 9 weeks to now since I haven't updated since I first brought her home.

Princess problems

Sneak peek of our Christmas card

Snuggling up with daddy

That face, my goodness.

Exhausted after five minutes

This girl never stops sniffing around and she'll eat anything in her path

So quizzical

This was staged but she does have a biting issue!

My favorite thing is when all her skin furrows in her face and she looks so angry

Always sleepy and hogging the blankets

Bath, her favorite thing ever

Mister definitely has on a bathing suit, so precious


Pre-Christmas card photos, going crazy

Sleepy face and eyes

So so so angry that it's bed time

Evidence of future genius?